Families, parenthood and being gay

On the 9th of September I created my Collaborative Self-Portrait with Anthony. We took photos of me hanging baby clothes out on my washing line to make it look like I am a gay father in the 21st century doing the kind of normal activity a mother or father would carry out in their daily lives.

Family is so important to me. I am a family orientated person and I dream of having one of my own one day. But being a gay man, I’m not too sure if that will happen. Meeting someone, having the chance to get married, and for us to have our own children would be a dream come true. I would ideally love to have my own child through surrogacy but that can come at a costly price and I will never rule out the option of adoption. Giving a baby or child a life they deserve would be brilliant for me and especially for them.

I hope so much will change in the future with equal rights for LGBTQ+ people. Why are there restrictions, bans and no equality? No-one can stop who they fall in love with, regardless of gender, race, nationality or religion. This is why society should move on and accept that there should be marriage equality, and gay parents, in Northern Ireland. In five years time I’ll be turning 31 and by then I hope to be in long-term relationship, thinking about marriage, and having babies. Will this happen? I’m not sure. But as people say, all things happen for a reason!

– Ciaran