Here’s to Let Us Eat Cake ??

Getting ready for our exhibition opening was exciting. I got to do what I love: baking cakes and decorating them. On the Wednesday I baked most of the day, and I came home from work on the Thursday and decorated more. Then coming out of work on Friday I rushed to get things packed up and completed. My stress levels were high coming up to Belfast, the traffic made me late for the exhibition.

Eventually arriving at the exhibition will all the guests there, myself and Ray set my pastries onto our table. I was in complete awe with how the room was looking with everyone’s cakes and I could see how much work Anthony and the team at Belfast Exposed had achieved. It was brilliant and our photos had turned out amazing with Anthony expertise and Hannah’s work in getting them framed and installed.

I felt so proud to be part of our group that night and how much of a difference we might have made for the future LGBTQ+ communities in Northern Ireland and other parts of Ireland. I’ve made so many good friends from our group and I hope we all meet up again.

Afterwards we went to Maverick for a celebratory drink. It was good to all get together for an alcoholic beverage after 9 months of hard work! We all then partied the rest of the night well… I’ll not give away too many details, but me, Chris and Ray partied in Kremlin! Brilliant night. I hope for many more with all the gang!

Here’s to L.U.E.C 2017!  ??

– Ciaran